Swarms and Sobriety

Saturday night over the weekend turned out to be so gorgeous that we scrapped our plans to eat at the delicious-but-no-ambiance Mariscos la Playa and instead drove out to Rancho de Chimayo, to enjoy their lovely patio.

On the way back, they had all highway traffic funneled through a sobriety checkpoint.

My mom and Dave were horrified, because they’d asked my David to drive. We debated whether he should admit to the margarita with dinner. The cops didn’t ask, though.

They had cops of every brand on site, including the Tesuque reservation police. Cranes shone down bright spotlights on the stopped traffic in both directions. Our interrogators were downright cheerful, however. Clearly they’d been carefully trained. One cop on David asked to see his license, where we were coming from and oh, was dinner at Chimayo good? Meanwhile another cop talked to me in the passenger seat and my folks in back. She asked if we were having a fun and safe night, even as she shone the flashlight around our feet.

They sent us on with cheery goodbyes. It was kind of surreal.

When we got back to the house, the rains had brought out a swarm of beetles. We had to leap over them to enter the house. Turning off the porch light slowed their frantic activity, but all night we heard them, banging against the screens, like little zombie insects frantic to get in and eat our brainz…

In the morning they were gone. Though I still see one toddling along here and there. A lost remnant of the zombie beetle tribe.

I’ll break 90K on Sterling today and I’ll be done within the week. This also feels surreal.

I’m pleased to report that my crew has finally arrived at the Midsummer Festival. I’m oddly not enjoying this part so much, because things have gotten very bad. I know it’ll get better soon and there will be some triumph to mitigate the disaster, but right now it’s very bad for my heroine. And I feel quite close to her.

It’s also hard to believe we’ll wrap up our time together so soon. I’m tempted to drag it out, even. I know there will be revisions and polishing. Then, perhaps, the sequel. Or another story altogether. I woke up this morning wondering what I’d be writing next. It’s probably good that I’m thinking about it, but I also can’t quite envision it yet. Which is likely also a good sign.

And then I’ll send it to the agent who called it a stellar concept with a cheery goodbye and wait.

Just another step on the road.

3 Replies to “Swarms and Sobriety”

  1. I've never been stopped at a sobriety checkpoint–I think it would kind of freak me out even if I hadn't had a thing to drink. But I suppose it's good they keep an eye on things over traditionally big-drinking holidays.

    Congrats on being so near to The End on your WIP! Always an exciting time, filled with a sense of accomplishment as well as that first inkling of excitement over what to write next. In the meantime, may your revisions/rewrites go smoothly. 🙂

  2. CONGRATS on being near the end. I am so excited for you. I can't wait to feel that for myself some day. Hopefully.

    The beetles totally freaked me out. Swarms of anything freak me out so its understandable.

    Just remember: Full Bloom Days! Write on.

  3. Linda – it *was* a freak-me-out thing, but David stayed very calm and collected. He knew he was fine to drive, so that likely helped.

    And Kelly – isn't it funny both of you chose "freak me out", though for different aspects?

    Thanks, both, for the congrats (if premature) and encouragement!

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