Rainy Days and Sick Days

I’m the kind of person who sees this as an omen.

Even as I know how irrational that is.

These are the shattered remnants of the big ceramic rain catchment that was one of the first things I bought when we moved here. With birthday money.

We had this rain last night, courtesy of Hurricane Alex, who’s been demoted to a tropical depression. Torrential rain. I was in the kitchen, making a secret, special, surprise treat for our elegant tailgate dinner at the Santa Fe Opera tonight, when I heard this clatter.

We couldn’t figure out what it was, until David checked outside. I think the soil became so saturated that, with overflow pouring over the side, the big vase listed to one side and, like the Titanic, sank onto the patio and shattered.

You can see how one piece of it still rests on the branch I had in there so that critters who climb in for water can climb back out again.

(This does not work for beetles, however, who gleefully drown themselves. I don’t know why.)

So, I try not to read in too much. But Teddy is sick today. She was sick yesterday and I thought maybe it was just a bug. But she’s still not well today, so I have a call in to the vet. Right now she’s sleeping in the sun, which makes her warm and happy.

I have a feeling it might be diabetes.

Teddy will be 15 in October, so I think I should get some more years with her.

Hopefully we can work that out.

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  1. Aw. Sorry Alex was so hard on your rain catcher, and especially sorry your poor kitty isn't feeling well. Hope the vet finds it to be something minor, and that you'll have many more years with beautiful Teddy. 🙂

  2. Not an omen – you'd drive yourself crazy with such thoughts! It is what it is. And Teddy is such a cute little feline – really hoping she's much better now!

  3. Got my fingers crossed that Teddy is just a little under the weather.

    We had to say farewell to our lovely Chess on Christmas Eve this past year. I was devastated, but not as much as the hubs. Chess really was his cat. We had him for 19 glorious years and got him as a baby while we lived in Japan.

    Man I still miss him, but its always with a smile.

  4. Aw, I hope Teddy is better. I went through this a few months ago with my dog and it worried me so much I barely slept for weeks. One of my cats is turning 12 this year and I constantly watch her for any change in habits because as cranky and mean as she is, I love her. I'm crossing my fingers for you and Teddy.

  5. At least Alex didn't cover your landscape with big globs of gulf oil.

    I DO believe in kitties.
    I DO believe in kitties.
    I DO believe in kitties.

    It might only work for fairies, but it's worth a try.

  6. Sorry about your water catcher. I hope that Teddy is ok. Cats are tough little creatures.

  7. Even if it is diabetes, Teddy can be treated for years and years. I hope it's something simple and easily treated – preferably with a short course of antibiotic or something. As for the rain catchment, now you get to go shopping for a new one. Take the big piece of the broken vase, partially bury it on it's side. Fill the interior with potting soil and plant flowers in it. Then it becomes a 'relic'. 🙂

  8. Ah – you all are so good to me. I was reading your comments at the vet's office and trying not to let anyone see me tear up!

    The vet says it could be any number of things, given her age. They're doing bloodwork and we'll know more tomorrow. But he thought she's doing well enough that we could bring her home and not fret overmuch.

    Linda – thank you for the good wishes
    Glenys – I'm a writer, it's my JOB to make myself crazy with weird thoughts!
    Michelle – thanks so much
    Kelly – I'm so sorry about Chess. It's part of life with pets, that we only have them a few years, but that doesn't make it hurt any less
    Danica – cranky means lively! it's good she has you to look out for her
    Excellent point on the oil, Kev – and Teddy says thank you. She believes in you, too!
    Chudney – that's good to remember. and Teddy's a particularly tough and healthy cat
    Marcella, yes, I have to remember that. I'm already starting her on a raw food diet, just in case. You think like my mother – she wants to go shopping tomorrow. and yes, I'll plant flowers in a shard or two – love that artifact look!

  9. Gah. So sorry to hear about your cat. My cat just turned 14 and he's thinning out like crazy. Poor dude can't seem to keep on any weight at all. 🙁

  10. Living in FL, I can relate to the part about Alex. Those storms are nothing to mess with. As a cat lover, I'm sorry your sweet one is sick. Let us know what the vet says. Sending good kharma…

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