Wiley Coyote

This is our patio, for those who don’t know. We keep the feeder stocked and lots of birds come in. Ground feeders visit, too, packrats, mice and bunnies gleaning the spilled seed.

David has a night-vision camera with a motion detector. He hangs it on the near portal post.

This is what the area under the feeder looks like at night.

And here’s a bunny coming to visit.

In the classic cycle of nature, where there’s prey, predators follow. (Note coyote tail disappearing into the brush.)

After a suitable amount of time, the bunny returns.

What? You didn’t believe me before about the coyote? Couldn’t see him?

Here he is!

Wondering what that clicking sound is.

He hunts through the night. Leaving with dawn and the stirring of our household.

These two are from another night, but I like the sequence.

Last clear shot at 4 am.

And our dog, Zip, investigating the invisible evidence.

5 Replies to “Wiley Coyote”

  1. he's expressive all right. lots of coming and going! I watched him walk right by our bedroom window one foggy morning.

  2. Whew! I kept waiting for the photo of the bunny becoming the coyote's dinner. Thanks for not sharing if that was indeed the furry guy's fate.

    Love your porch, btw. My goodness. I think I could live on it.

  3. If it was the bunny's fate, Keena, we don't know it. Though I think the coyote would be more likely to grab and run, eating the bunny somewhere less exposed.

    We practically did live on the porch in the warm weather and hope to do so again soon! All those gorgeous sunset photos? Taken from that porch.

    When are you coming to visit, again?

  4. Jeffe, once again I am completely jealous of your scenery. I LOVE your porch!

    But I much admit, I am more than glad that I dont have as much wildlife as you do- LOL

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