Life Lessons

I bought more flowers yesterday. It’s that time of year. When all the potted plants go outside and get supplemented with fresh annuals.

So, there I am, browsing through the Kmart offerings, since I’m all about the inexpensive and temporary this summer. Transient me. They have those tall, many-shelved carts, that they wheel out to the sidewalk on sunny days. One row against the brick building, one at the edge of the walk, creating an aisle between. (Tip: dig deep to the back for the impatiens that haven’t gotten sunburnt.)

This young mother and her little girl walk by. The girl is two or three, wearing a cute denim sundress. Mom has her hands full of petunia six packs. It’s a gorgeous day.

“I think I’ll just take this off,” announces the little girl.

I glance down and she is already slipping the buckles on her straps and shucking her dress to her ankles.

“No!” Mom yelps, shoving her flowers onto the nearest open ledge. She’s down on her knees, pulling the dress back up. “We can’t just run around in our panties! It’s indecent exposure.”

I laugh at this and the mother rolls her eyes at me.

We wonder how we learn things.

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  1. Jeffe, I am literally LMBO at this one. My 3 year old completely (and I mean completely) changed PJ's 3 times yesterday before lunch. Then ran around for about 5 hrs in only her dark, hot pink panties.

    Then she put on some pink jeans, paired with a pink and red button down shirt (no, she can't button, so only one button was done). Then she took the shirt back off and when outside in the backyard to play football in her pink jeans only (no shirt, shoes, or socks).

    Finally, she decided to put on her sister's soccer uniform and went to her grannie's house.

    Your post reminded me of my on little one, who will also disrobe in the middle of Target in a heartbeat- LOL

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