Travel weary

I’m tempted to say I failed.

I certainly didn’t succeed in following my intentions, so that amounts to the same thing, doesn’t it?

I really wanted to be able to continue to post to the blog while I was on work travel. Clearly I didn’t. You can see my pleased, self-satisfied (a number of people have used that phrase to describe me lately and I’m wondering how to take it) post from the plane on Monday. Then nothing nothing nothing for the next four days. I got home at about 1 o’clock in the morning Thursday night, slept in and worked all day catching up. No 1K words, no blog posts. So much for resolutions.

I really thought I might post pithy observations about being in Dover, Delaware. About their coastal farmlands and abandoned malls. But I didn’t. Penelope Trunk says your day job can’t suck away your creative energy, but I’m not sure I agree. When I’m on my work trips, they drain me dry. I get back to the hotel in the evening with nothing left. Often I can’t even summon the energy just to read. Only inane television can hold my attention until I fall asleep. I don’t understand why.

But, as I’ve broken into this new schedule gradually, so I’ll try with this. I’m home this week, then off to Raleigh/Durham the week after. Cross your fingers and look for the daily blogs!

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  1. I didn’t post while I traveled last week either. It’s very hard. But I travel a lot, and I usually do find time to blog. I schedule blogging — or pilates, or something creative and fun — in the middle of my travel day, just like it’s a meeting. This has worked for me, to make travel more bearable. Maybe it’ll work for you, too.


  2. That’s an interesting idea, Penelope — I’ll have to propose it to my team. We break for lunch, but not for much else. And people get annoyed when one person breaks to deal with email or some such. Might be good for us to take a “sanctioned” break, to do life-maintenance stuff.

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